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August Updates

It's been a busy month for me but I've loved every minute of it, including keeping up to date with everyone else's news, holiday snaps, and of course, shooting stories.

Since I'm still working on the next few shooting blog titles, in the meantime I thought I'd update you all with what's been happening behind the scenes, and what's still to come...

Farmers Guardian

I recently wrote an article in Farmer's Guardian which has been published both in print and online, about my road into shooting and my future goal which is to reach more non-shooters.

I talk about what I do all the time. I recently had a conversation with a client and his son, whilst showing them how to maintain a website that I had just designed. I was wearing my camo top ready for an evening on the rabbits. Although I apologised for not having a more 'professional' appearance, essentially I wasn't sorry at all, because the resulting conversation totally opened the eyes of 2 non shooters, who knew nothing about pest control, the effects of pests on the farming industry and the amount of protein they could get from game meat (since Ray was a personal trainer this really hit home!) They are now not only excited about eating game meat but now interested in finding out about getting into hunting themselves. Epic.

You can read my online blog with Farmer's Guardian here, which I will be continuing to write for them quarterly.

Pro Staff

This is not a title I'm familiar with, and probably not one that's been around that long - or used in connection with people of my age! But it is what it is - I am now one of the ATN Europe Pro Staff team!

I am very much looking forward to hunting rabbits and deer stalking with my new ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Scope - I just need to get to grips with it first...

I'm also in talks with two great brands, with my mind set on helping them develop quality, affordable ladies hunting clothing that fits well and is truly fit for purpose - watch this space.

You can visit the ATN website here or why not check out their Instagram.

The Field Magazine

The next issue of The Field will be released mid September (October issue), and I'm excited to be featured in their 'Sporting Diana' section. I'm proud that little old me from Paston has been recognised as someone who is trying to make waves in and out of the fieldsports community in my own little way, and I'm very proud to be following in the footsteps of other amazing women who have been Sporting Diana's in the past. I'm also very excited to see a certain young lady I know very well appearing in The Field soon..... wink wink nudge nudge.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening - make sure you're ready to do the old 'pinch punch' tomorrow!

Happy Shooting!


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