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Breaking Stereotypes in Shooting

Stereotyping is a fact of life. It stems from our prehistoric brains; we need to decide within seconds of seeing you whether you're friend or foe.

In today's modern society, the problem is we have so many different 'boxes' that we try to fit people into (and boxes that we are brainwashed to believe we should all fit into), that for people like me who don't really fit any of them, or fit into 5 or 6 all at once, it can make life very complicated.

It also makes it hard for people to decide how to treat me or talk to me, which can be frustrating but amusing at times!

The shooting community however, have a much broader 'judging stick' that I have found both useful and disarming; can you shoot (yes) do you care about nature (yes) and do you like jokes (yes). The end.

At The Game Fair 2023, I chatted with Charlie Jacoby from The Fieldsports Channel in the Carter Jonas tent, about being a black woman in the Fieldsports world, and shared a few of my experiences - all positive up to that point!


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