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Welcome to my World - Shooting Girl With An Afro

Welcome to the website, and my new blog - I'm hoping to entertain and inform, but if you find it boring and non-informative - please feel free to find a blog that's right for you!

Well, the last year has been an absolute whirlwind and it's only the past couple of months that I've really managed to get back to shooting properly again.

Going through a divorce, moving house 4 times, buying my own little piece of real estate in Norfolk, helping my 18 year old deal with life at college and having to find new territory that was my own permission (link to how to find shooting permission blog), all takes time and energy! But during this time I've found freedom and pure joy of realising that I still adore the world of Fieldsports even though I'm no longer with the person that introduced me to it.

The support and encouragement I've received from the Fieldsports community since appearing on the Fieldsports TV Channel has been amazing, and has increased my drive and determination to help others like me who are entering this world later in life. Whether that be offering advice on what kit you might need on your first outing pigeons, (link to kit list blog) and where you can get it, or whether it just be answering as many questions as possible - don't forget to check out my resources page for more info (I will update this page on a monthly basis so keep checking back for updates).

If you want to know anymore just head over to the About Me page of the site - feel free to ask any questions that may pop up after reading this if there's something you think I can help you with.

I'm looking forward to sharing my experience but also hearing from you guys about your own experiences, concerns or questions - let's support each other and be a positive force within the shooting community.


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I hope you're enjoying reading my blog! I'm not an expert, I only wish to share my personal experiences, of someone who did not grow up in the countryside nor enter the hunting world in the traditional way.

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